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    On the Mac the “Browse Connections” screen covers the entire screen. It isn’t really a Mac full-screen app because there is no access to the apple menu bar and it won’t respond to the Mac commands to exit full-screen mode.

    It is really annoying to have it cover everything and have no way out except command-Q.

    I can’t see the point of this. If there is some trick to it I would appreciate if someone would reveal it.

    If it is, as I suspect, a bug or design flaw I would really appreciated it if it was fixed pronto.

    Thank you


    When starting NoMachine the window will have the same state it was using when it was previously closed. If it’s not like that, and the previous window state was not fullscreen, then we may need to investigate what is happening in your case.
    By the way you can leave the fullscreen mode any time by clicking the small fullscreen icon below, just under the list of connections. If you don’t see that icon then you may be using an old NoMachine version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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