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    I noticed a very annoying issue during my NoMachine session, sometimes the altgr key doesn’t work or behaves strange as it would get stucked.

    I use Swiss German keyboard layout, on which the pipe, hashmark, at and tilde etc. characters can be only reached by a combination of altgr+alphanumeric-key, so I need them quite often. I noticed that sometimes the altgr+key combination results only in the normal key and not in the special character. More often happens that the altgr+key results in some strange behavior, as it would get stucked. In this case I cannot continue to work and type normal characters in my NoMachine session, since it makes strange characters (not the ones I would expect like pipe, hashmark or at), so I have to switch to a Windows application e.g. notepad where I type something, then switch back to the NoMachine session and I can continue the normal work. Sometimes it seems that the normally harmlos altgr+key combinations results in some control sequence and closes my windows, so I need to open a new NoMachine session. Very annoying and very strange.

    I can use the keyboard with other software, even with other remote-desktop applications without any problems, there has never happened that the altgr key would get stucked., so the hardware and the host OS are ok.

    As client I use Windows NoMachine V5.1.26 on a Windows 7 PC. On the server side I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 with nomachine-cloud-server-5.1.54-2.x86_64.


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    Let me suggest to update the client as first thing.

    Then, if problem keeps occurring it’d be very helpful if you identified any pattern to reproduce such problem on a regular basis.

    For example, did you notice if problems occur when you switch NoMachine and Windows Desktop forth and back with Alt+Tab? This could make Windows catch some key event and would explain why you sometimes get “Q” instead of “@”.

    About the case of “stuck AltGr”, maybe do you get “omega” in place of “@”? That would indicate the Shift key is stuck.

    And about the windows that get closed, can you tell me the sequence that is supposed to close them (for example, Gedit quits on “Ctrl+Q”, Gnome Terminal on “Shift+Ctrl+Q”).

    Anyway, it is possible you can improve the situation enabling the option “Grab the keyboard input”.



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