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    Currently it successfully installs and runs on arm64e architecture on macOS 11, but it fails to install the nx audio adaptor (so it won’t play audio on the client) since it’s a kernel extension (kext) based on intel x86_64.



    Thanks for taking the time to report this. Support for macOS on ARM isn’t available yet, although we are currently working on NoMachine compatibility with this architecture 😉



    When do you all plan to add this support?

    My coworkers and I are upgraded computers right now, and were planning to buy new Macs, but we use NoMachine every day.

    Is this something that you think will be finished in the next few day? weeks? months?

    Thanks for the info!


    Adding a +1 for this. It’s the last piece in my personal puzzle.


    Once version 7 is released, which is in its final testing phase, the team we’ll be able to concentrate on a universal binary for macOS.


    Any eta on the timing as Barrj asked? How long do your devs think it might take, how many weeks/months? I desperately need a new laptop for my work, but need NoMachine to access my Linux machine remotely so this is my biggest concern atm.

    Thank you!


    As I said before, it’s one of our top priorities right now, but I am unable to give you an ETA.

    Here is the feature request which you can all sign up to receive a notification for if you are interested in knowing when it has been implemented.


    @veelove I am accessing linux hosts from a M1 client. I think it boils down to how badly you need audio to pass through (?) or more likely for USB to pass through to linux.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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