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    I’m getting a timeout error connection to a Windows 10 PC from a Windows 11 desktop.

    Have successfully connected before.

    Connection works the other way

    Server is on, desktop is shared

    Connection settings are automatic since they’re shared by the target PC

    Other things I tried:

    Restarting service and restarting server on both sides

    Disabling firewall on both PCs

    Disconnecting and reconnecting to network on both PCs

    I’m out of ideas now.  What could be causing the connection to work one way but not the other?




    Hi, can you send us the NoMachine logs from both sides?

    For detailed instructions, check this document: https://kb.nomachine.com/DT07S00243

    You can also enable debug level 7 from within the server settings (on the Windows 10) if you are using verison 8. Once you’ve reproduced the error, send everything to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, making sure to use the title of the topic as the subject of your email. Thanks!


    Here are the logs:

    1. Non-working direction

    2. Working direction

    3. Logs from clicking “save logs” on error prompt.


    Hi, working direction logs were empty. The first set show that sessions start ok. However, it’s possible that you have the same issue that was discussed in another topic, in that the IP address you are using to connect is not correct.

    Please take a look at my answer here: https://forums.nomachine.com/topic/how-to-make-nomachine-update-target-computer-ips#post-39467. Go to the Player’s Configuration panel of the connection and check if there are multiple entries in the Host field. Do you see multiple entries? Select another item from the list for the connection and then try to connect.


    That was the issue!  Thanks for your help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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