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    I upgraded from NoMachine 3.5 to the latest NoMachine 4.1 yesterday. I use NoMachine to connect from a Windows laptop to a Linux computer over the internet. I was able to do this using NoMachine 3.5, but now I can not get NoMachine 4.1 to connect. After I enter my username/password, I try to create a new GNOME virtual desktop (this was my settings for NM 3.5). After NM 4.1 tries to connect for a while, I get the error “The connection to the server was lost.” I went to this webpage to try to resolve the issue, , but I have not been able to yet.

    I am using Windows 7. My protocol is SSH. Port is 22. I verified the username/password and host. The network services are running. I set the port on my network services to 22 also, to try and resolve the issue, but that did not work. However, I can not active the Gateway port, as it is now telling me “failed to map the port on the gateway.” I don’t know if that is related or a separate issue.

    The above link states I need to “be sure the SSH server is installed on the system.” What is “the system, my windows laptop or the Linux computer? If it is on my laptop, I am not sure where to find the “server settings GUI.” Please help.

    Thank you.


    Hi ian, the system is your Linux computer (the server).

    Please tell us

    – NoMachine product on local and remote machine (free version, Workstation, etc).

    – Remote Linux version (Ubuntu xyz, Mint x.y, etc.).

    And if possible the logs:

    You can attach them here or send them to issues[at]nomachine[dot]com .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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