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    I am currently running a standalone Cloud Server host, version 8.4.2, on Linux, CentOS9 Stream

    Is two factor authentication using SecurID possible for the NX protocol?

    The instructions at only specify the steps to take for the SSH protocol.

    I have installed both the RSA Auth Manager and PAM.

    I have also edited /etc/pam.d/nx to

    comment out

    auth       include       su

    and add

    auth required

    When I test the connection to the server through the workstation edition client (version 8.2.3, on CentOS9 stream), connecting over NX protocol and using password authentication, I can pass my LDAP credentials through, but the loading icon then spins for 10 seconds, and my connection is rejected.

    Are there further configuration settings I need to set? Or is this setup not supported?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Thanks for reporting. This needs further investigation and to do so we are trying to get access to the latest PAM authentication agent for Centos 9f from RSA. In the meantime, could you tell us if with SSH everything is working?

    This topic might be better investigated via a support ticket if you have a subscription.


    Hi Britgirl,

    I can confirm that I have got this working!

    My mistake was commenting out

    auth       include       su

    in /etc/pam.d/nx.

    Connecting to my cloud server gateway running CentOS9 stream using the NX protocol now correctly prompts me first for my LDAP credentials, then for my RSA SecurID authentication code.

    Thanks for your help. Once you’ve tested this yourself you can update your 2FA documentation at as it doesn’t currently include theNX protocol.




    Thanks for letting us know. We will be updating our article as well 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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