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    Is there a reason to have two sessions listed by nxserver –list with each connection?

    One session has a remote IP listed, the other one has “-” placed instead but is the actual DISPLAY in the connected session. Each session has a different display. When the connection is closed then both sessions disappear.



    When the user runs a virtual desktop session, the server creates a new desktop.
    This desktop is listed in the session list (displayed by ‘nxserver –list’)
    and corresponds to the entry with the actual DISPLAY. At the same time,
    the server adds the user’s connection to the session list: this is the
    entry with the IP of the connected client.

    There are actually 2 node instances. One is the display session itself,
    the other is the user session connecting to that display.

    The connection entry is present until the user closes (disconnects) the
    session. If the user makes logout (i.e. terminates the session), both
    desktop and connection entries are removed from the session list
    and disappear from the ‘nxserver –list’ output.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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