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    Working with NoMachine 8.4.2 in both client-server scenario:

    – Client with W10.

    – Server with W10 or W7

    Connection established. From client:

    1) try to start a file transfer (it does not matter from / to server)

    2) try to close notification panels (user connected, etc)

    Mouse interaction is not working (not accepting/denying connections; not closing panels).

    I attach logs from %USERPROFILE%\.nx for the problem of trying to close the notification panel when a user is connected.


    Could anyone help on that? I need to evaluate the tool and the transference of files is key, and with this problem, this feature is not available for the company.





    PS: following topic refers partially to the problem I am describing

    File transfer doesn’t react when clicked, drag & drop works correctly


    We are not aware of any problems with file-transfer across the product suite. You are using the Free Edition and FT is available on that, as it is with the Enterprise Desktop for commercial use.

    Is the connecting user the same user that is currently logged into the physical desktop? If it is not, this could explain why you can’t interact.


    Thanks for the answer.

    I have just tested it and when the connection user is the one connected in the physical desktop, then, there is no panel to confirm the transference.

    In my case the connection is done by a specific NoMachine user (not defined in user accounts in Windows physical desktop). Do you know how to remove the confirmation panel? This would solve my problem



    It’s not currently possible to disable the confirmation panel.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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