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    Does NX map Command-period (Cmd-.) to something and is there a way to disable that?
    I would like to map Command-period to an action in IntelliJ inside NX.

    However, IntelliJ is not seeing the keystroke Command-period. I have tried xev inside NX and the keystroke just doesn’t come through. It is seen just fine in Chrome Remote Desktop or iTerm2 which makes me thing that it is NX that is taking the keystroke. However, I don’t see Command-period listed under NX Settings > Input > Shortcuts.




    The “command+period” combination is a system action on OSX used to cancel tasks, and it cannot be intercepted and passed on from the client side. There is thus nothing NoMachine can do about this.

    A workaround for your problem could be assigning some other key to simulate the ‘period’ key, if you really need the exact “command+period” combination to work in IntelliJ. You can do this using  ‘xmodmap’ command (I assume you are using linux). Hope this helps.


    Thank you for the tip.

    However, Chrome pages can see the Command-period keystroke and iTerm2 can map it to other things also. So the problem seems to be NoMachine specific. It feels like think could/should pass it on or make it configurable.



    Hi reesd.
    Your remark is correct, even if the OS grabs the keystroke for its purposes we should be able to forward the Period key to remote desktop. There are some system shortcuts impossible to intercept, but Command-Period should not be among those because it generates a specific event delivered to the application. In order to track the issue we’ve opened this Trouble Report, you may sign up to be informed when we’ll release a fix:

    The Command-Period shortcut is not correctly sent to the remote desktop

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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