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    I’m still trying to evaluate NoMachine 4 Enterprise Server and still having difficulties. I’m trying to give users permission to choose their own desktop environment (e.g. Gnome vs. KDE), and this works with the AvailableSessionTypes key for 95% of the users. For one user, however, I’m getting the following error when trying to start a KDE virtual session:

    ERROR! Session type unix-kde is not available on this server.

    This is despite the fact that KDE is installed, I’ve restarted nxserver several times, and I’ve totally banished GNOME from the server.

    I’ve also queried the nxserver to see if unix-kde is available.

    root@myhost1:/usr/NX/var/log# /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –resourcelist –class session
    NX> 104 Resource list:

    Class     Type                       Value
    ——— ————————– ——
    session    nxvfb                      no
    session    unix-console               yes
    session    unix-gnome                 yes
    session    vms                        no
    session    unix-remote-custom         no
    session    vnc                        no
    session    unix-xsession-default      no
    session    windows                    no
    session    unix-desktop               no
    session    unix-remote                no
    session    unix-cde                   no
    session    shadow                     yes
    session    unix-kde                   yes
    session    unix-application           yes
    session    remote-attach              no
    session    unix-xdm                   yes
    session    unix-default               yes
    session    physical-desktop           yes
    session    unix-script                no

    I just can’t seem to get NoMachine to recognize that KDE is installed though and keep getting the error of “unix-kde is not available on this server”

    I’m also attaching a debug log to the post. Any ideas on why NoMachine would think KDE isn’t available when it clearly is?


    I ended up reinstalling NoMachine Enterprise Server and now it successfully recognizes that KDE is indeed installed. Still have no idea what caused that though…


    Hello newmanium,
    The reason of error: unix-kde is not available on this server was because this session type was missing in AvailableSessionTypes key in node.cfg.
    During the reinstallation of NoMachine we auto-detect KDE and add this session type to this key.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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