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    Hello, dear NoMachine!

    How can I redirect UNIX domain socket through nxplayer as like tcp port redirection?

    I need to redirect pcsc service to server:


    As I understand I can workaround this by choosing ssh protocol and specifying ssh-wrapper script in nxplayer cfg.




    It’s currently not possible to redirect UNIX domain sockets.

    You can workaround this by binding them to TCP ports with help of nc or socat.

    And yes, you can also play with ssh to accomplish it.


    But what about NoMachine SmartCard sharing?

    It may be a option for you.



    Hello, reza!

    There is one problem with NoMachine SmartCard sharing:

    I don’t understand how to find smart card reader on server side after redirection: ūüôā
    a) I installed pcscd, opensc and libasedrive-usb package to Ubuntu 12.04 client and server sides

    b) on client: # opensc-tool -l

    # Detected readers (pcsc)

    Nr.  Card  Features  Name

    0    Yes             AseIIIeUSB 00 00


    # pkcs11-tool –module /usr/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so ¬†-L

    Available slots:

    Slot 0 (0xffffffff): Virtual hotplug slot


    Slot 1 (0x1): AseIIIeUSB 00 00


    c) I launched Nxplayer and said him to use /usr/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so security module, after that nxplayer redirected smart card to server

    d) on server after redirection:

    # opensc-tool -l

    No smart card readers found.


    # pkcs11-tool –module /usr/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so -L

    Available slots:

    Slot 0 (0xffffffffffffffff): Virtual hotplug slot



    # pkcs11-tool –module /usr/NX/lib/libpkcs11.so -L

    error: PKCS11 function C_Initialize failed: rv = CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED (0x6)


    Am I doing it wrong? ūüôā




    in order to connect properly the SmartCard device, please follow these steps:


    1. Start the NoMachine session.

    2. Open the NoMachine menu inside the session (ctrl+alt+0 or click on

    the page peel in the upper right corner of the window).

    3. In the menu click on Devices -> SmartCards

    3. Pick your smardcard and click ‘mount’

    4. Inside the NoMachine session open a terminal and paste this command:


    pkcs11-tool ‚Äďmodule /usr/NX/lib/libpkcs11.so -L


    It’s fundamental to run this command inside the session when the¬†smartcard is already connected.

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