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    Is there a possibility to autoshare certain USB devices.

    When I activate the option share device on session start, it shares it when the session start,
    but not if the device is later plugged in, after session start.

    The option share device on session start generates the following contents in the nxs file:

     <group name=”usb:Local:Cruzer Edge” >
    <option key=”Location” value=”1″ />
    <option key=”AutoStart” value=”1″ />
    <option key=”Name” value=”Cruzer Edge” />
    <option key=”Handle” value=”1-1″ />

    Has someone an idea which parameters are possible in this group, to eventually
    automatically share devices on plugin?

    Kind Regards



    Hi, it’s not currently possible but we will be adding support for USB auto-sharing, so all you will need to do is plugin the device, before or during the NoMachine session, it won’t matter. Watch out for this in one of the successive v9 updates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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