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    I use macOS 10.12.6 on client machine and Windows 10 home on server. NoMachine version is 7.9.2.

    1. I insert flash disk and share it in setting after connection to server. I see green light indicator, but drive not shared and not appeared on server machine.

    2. I use Jetbrains Rider on server and attempt install application to my smartphone from client. I share Android device to server and see green light indicator. RiderĀ  show my device in list, but can`t install application – just waiting installation process.




    PS: Embedded disk shared normally. There is problem with usb disks and devices



    To share a USB external flash drive, did you use a Devices > Connect USB device functionality?


    did you use a Devices > Connect USB device functionality

    Thanks. I was able to connect the usb disk.

    I found that usb-devices work correctly, but I can’t install android application by ADB utility or IDE( Rider or VS). The error does not appear, it’s just that the installation process is not going on. Application is normally installed to emulator, as well as to the device via the client computer. Installation via forwarded USB does not work.

    For some reason ADB can’t install via forwarded connection



    ADB use tcp to client-server command transaction. In this case need port forwarding from host to client for adb

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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