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    I’m trying to get USB sharing working between a local Arch Linux and a remote Mac OS X (10.10.4). I have manually built the nxusb kernel module, which was causing the options to be disabled, but now whenever I try to share a local USB device with the remote it fails after about 30 seconds, reporting:

    “Failed to connect the device <device-name>”

    I’m running NoMachine 4.6.4.



    We enable USB subsystem only on well tested OSX releases.

    We tested already 10.10.4 and users can enable it safely.

    We will do it in the next release, but you can add the new MAC OS (10.10.4) to

    1. change the curent directory:

    cd /Applications/

    2. open the file

    sudo vim

    3. add the new system in line 329 after “$systemVersion” == “10.10.3″:

    || “$systemVersion” == “10.10.4″

    4. save the changes:

    Esc + :wq

    5. restart

    sudo ./ –restart

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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