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    This is a bit of a long one that I have been trying to fix:

    Windows to Windows connection. HP Z2 Mini computers, Windows 10.

    During installation, we get a “Installation of the NoMachine USB Adapter has failed with error code 183”

    Clicking past this, NoMachine works as expected, but USB redirect doesn’t work. In Device Manager it shows the NoMachine USB Host Adapter

    For some reason on my Windows 11 Laptop it installs and works fine, I noticed that the following reg line was missing info so I went ahead and:

    and added to UPPERFILTERS the line “nxusbf” (line was blank before then)

    This then allowed (after two reboots) for the remote USB page to show the devices on my local computer, however during connection it fails to fully connect and this is the same for all USB devices (including a mouse)

    Unfortunately no logs are generated by this. Running latest 8.5.3

    Has anyone got an idea of what I can do to fix this? Ideally I don’t want to update the client side machines to Windows 11.



    The issue is that the driver required for the USB forwarding feature wasn’t installed, as it failed with the 183 code.

    The recommendation here would be:

    1. Uninstall NoMachine

    2. Make sure that none of the software from this list is installed. If any of them is installed, please uninstall it.

    3. Restart the machine twice.

    4. Install NoMachine and see if drivers are installed without error.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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