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    Win 10 x64 1909

    Enterprise client 6.11.2 installs without issue and a USB Flashdrive can be forwarded to the remote machine.

    Enterprise Client 7.0.208 can be installed over 6.11.2 with no errors. However even though a USB Flashdrive can be added using “Devices>Connect a disk”, the drive does not show up on the remote system.


    If Enterprise Client 6.11.2 is uninstalled before installing Enterprise Client 7.0.208, the v7 install returns a “USB adapter has failed with error code: -1.” message.


    Any ideas why V7 breaks the USB adapter install?




    First of all “USB device forwarding” and “USB Drive connecting” are completely different modules and work independently.

    After uninstallation of the previous NoMachine, you need to restart the machine, even better twice, to hint the Windows OS that drivers are removed and that’s a correct setting. After that, it will save a new configuration and you can install the latest NoMachine.



    Thanks for differentiating between the different modules.

    My main concern is this:

    With Enterprise Client 6.11.2 installed, I am able to connect a USB drive from the client to an Enterprise Desktop 6.10.12 machine. The server has complete access to the client USB device. No problems here.

    If I uninstall Enterprise Client 6.11.2, perform three restarts and then install Enterprise Client 7.0.208, I receive an error for the USB adapter install. Why the USB module fails with version 7 and not 6 is beyond me.

    My concern is what happens if version 7 is applied over version 6. The installer for 7.0.208 will remove 6.11.2 and install as normal, however, there is no error for the USB adapter install, even though it does not install correctly.

    Users installing version 7 over version 6 may lose the ability to connect USB devices and there is no indication from the installer.



    You may try something like this:

    1. Uninstall NoMachine

    2. Unregister “NoMachine USB Hub Filter” in Windows registry. You can find info about this following this link:

    3. Reboot

    4. Install NoMachine

    I hope it’ll help


    It has been uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, with reboots in-between. There is no mention of “NoMachine USB Hub Filter” in the Windows Registry.


    It’d be great if you’d install a package from the link you’ll receive via e-mail and send us back the client and the server logs if it is possible.

    Here’s an article on how to do it: How to gather debug logs for support requests 


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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