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    There has been some turmoil caused by reports about kernel crashes caused by NoMachine on Mac OS X 10.9. It appears that these reports were regarding the Beta versions of NoMachine software, released before the final OS X 10.9 update, that indeed was incompatible with a late change added by Apple to the 10.9 USB drivers. For safety reasons, all the 4.x packages shipped by NoMachine since the final release have the USB redirection facility disabled on Mac OS X 10.9, so they are unlikely to have caused any crash. If you are still experiencing crashes, you are probably running an old Beta. To upgrade to the latest package please proceed as it follows:

    – Move NoMachine from your Applications to trash.

    – Remove the USB drivers manually if they are left:

    rm -f /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.nomachine.nxusb.plist
    rm -rf /Library/Extensions/nxusb_helper.kext
    rm -rf /Library/Extensions/nxusb_io1.kext
    rm -rf /Library/Extensions/nxusb_io2.kext

    All tests performed with the final 4 USB redirection driver so far, on new and upgraded Mac OS X 10.9 machines, were successful, with no problem observed. For this reason we count on enabling USB redirection on Mac OS X 10.9 starting from the next update.

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