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    Occasionally we are seeing users logging into to our multinode cluster and they are not getting the correct group membership. Specifically, they are only being given their primary group and none of their secondary group memberships. This is critical as all authorisation is based on POSIX groups.

    We are using Enterprise Server and Terminal Server Nodes of version 4.5.0 on Redhat Enterprise Linux v6.7

    We have struggled to reproduce the problem on demand but we are seeing a steady trickle of reports from users. When we ask them to provide the output from the “groups” command, the only group listed is their primary group. However, if we log in to the same node and issue the “groups <userid>” the correct groups are reported.

    I can’t find anything out of the ordinary in the NoMachine logs. Is anyone else seeing this? Connections are all to virtual displays with gnome desktop.

    btw. we cannot upgrade to 4.6.12 due to a bug which actually prevents any sessions being started. See TR08M05855


    The latest release includes a fix for TR08M05855

    Please update your software.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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