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    Hi there,

    So, I am moving with my MacBooks from city to city, therefore, with ever-changing IPs. On top of it, I am using TorGuard VPN on the Mac that I need to access, so, the IP to access is not the local router’s assigned IP.

    I am trying to access from an external IP but connection cannot be made (timeout). (On the other hand, [alternative solution] works – I just really want to switch over to NoMachine for good).

    Is there anyone else out there with similar setup and how they solved it?

    PS: also, I am thinking setting up dynamic DNS so that I can use hostname instead of changing IPs. Is there any problem with that setup, is it expected to work?


    Please consult this topic:

    See the article “How to connect to NoMachine when the server is behind a NAT router or a firewall”:

    VPN and DDNS setups shouldn’t cause issues. If you have enabled UPnP and your public IP is different to the one showing on, then there is something blocking the connection between the router and Internet access. It could that you have a double NAT set-up.

    As I wrote in that other topic, the easiest option for you is to wait for NoMachine Network, coming soon, which will eliminate this problem altogether.  It will avoid having to know the remote computer’s public-facing IP address and eliminate the need to configure port-forwarding on the router sitting in front of the computer you want to access.

    The Feature Request is here:


    Hey, thanks – NoMachine Network does sound quite interesting, fingers crossed… hopefully it will indeed be the answer.

    BTW, re: UPnP – the setting it is usually out of my hands (e.g. hotels, public NAT, heck, even with the TorGuard VPN).

    One small note around the feature request: it seems to be based on the assumption that one user only has one remote machine to connect. I often provide family support and also have many devices myself, so I really hope that the feature will be based one-to-many end points.



    re: UPnP – the setting it is usually out of my hands (e.g. hotels, public NAT, heck, even with the TorGuard VPN).

    In that case Network will solve this.

    Provided you have NoMachine installed on the host and on the connecting client you will be able to get access to the remote host over NoMachine Network. Who can connect depends on what you have installed on the computer you are remoting in to (the host). This is the case regardless of how you connect – using hostname/IP address or the Network service.

    The free version installed on the host accepts one connection at any time. A user can have NoMachine player (the client side) installed on as many devices as they want. However, if you try to connect from 2 or more at the same time to a host with the free version installed, it won’t be possible. Only one connection will be possible.

    Enterprise Desktop, on the other hand, will accept multiple simultaneous connections. If you have many devices which want connect to the same host at the same time, then Enterprise Desktop is what should be installed on the host.

    The free version will probably suffice. You can in any case compare the two here: . There are additional functionalities in Enterprise Desktop which may be interesting for you 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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