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    I am currently using Zerotier for the backbone connectivity with the free NoMachine. Going between Windows 11 and a Raspberry Pi. It works, but I also came across a product called Tailscale for backbone connectivity that is really easy to set up, at least to provide connections that can be pinged. But I can’t see how to configure NoMachine to use with it. Anyone have experience with setting this up? Thanks.


    We checked on the fly with Tailscale (free version) and it works out of the box ie. we didn’t have to change any settings. Did you already try and it didn’t work?
    Is the connection via NoMachine not working both ways?
    Are you using the free version of Tailscale or a paid option?

    Without Tailscale, can you connect to your RPi? What OS is on the Raspberry?


    I use it all the time, it just works, you connect with your Tailscale IP on port 4000

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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