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    I installed NoMachine and it seems to be doing everything I want, except one thing, video playback.

    I recently came from using [removed] because it for some reason would not launch on a new laptop I got with a fresh Windows 10 I installed myself, despite running fine on all my other devices for years. Anyway, NoMachine is doing everything [removed] did and more, but it just cannot play video smoothly at all. [removed] was able to do this great despite being a much lesser piece of software.

    I have checked the forums, other websites, and I just cannot get it to improve, it’s choppy and unwatchable. On the host PC I have disabled hardware acceleration, set a specific FPS, changed the display encoding – nothing changes it and ultimately disabling some settings made it worse.

    Is there some magic and obvious thing I am missing? It seems to not be made to handle video well, but I have seen youtube videos of people comparing N0Machine to others and NoMachine is silky smooth for them in the video.

    The host machine is Windows 10, 970 gtx, i5 4670k, so no lack of hardware. It plays fine on the host screen, but the device connecting does not display it well at all and is unwatchable. In comparison, [removed] played it great.

    Any help would be appreciated as I am nearly at the end of my tether messing about with it :(.

    Many thanks,




    I have similar configuration and do not have problem with video.
    Can you provide server and client side logs in the moment of the problem, here are instruction how to get them DT11R00181 – Collect server and client logs manually.

    Additionally, please collect statistics, you can get them from Connection tab of the NoMachine menu panel. More info see here DT10R00168 – Guide to the Functionality in the Menu Panel on Linux.

    When you collect needed logs and statistics, please send it to the forum[at]nomachine[dot]come with mentioning forum topic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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