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    Hi.  Thanks for adding the Wake on LAN feature to the NoMachine Client.  When connected to our network with VPN, we need to send the magic packet to the NoMachine Server IP address rather than the broadcast address to get it to wake up.  I’ve successfully tested this using a separate WoL utility (WakeMeOnLAN).  Is this possible to do using the NoMachine Client currently?  If not, could this aspect of the WoL feature be made configurable please?  This would be much more convenient than our users having to use an additional application to wake a sleeping device to connect to it.

    Thanks, Richard


    Hello Richard,
    Could you check if in connection file MAC address of machine is retrieved correctly? To do it use steps below:
    1. Open directory where connections are stored – it is specified in Player settings (tab Folders, field Connections and recordings).
    2. Use text editor to open nxs file of connection, which you used to connect earlier with checked option “Wake up the indicated server on the LAN if powered off”.
    3. Find there key “Server MAC address”.
    4. If its value is empty, please try to write it manually there and save change.

    Be sure that in connection edit in tab “Configuration”, option “Wake up the indicated server on the LAN if powered off” is checked. Then try by connecting if waking up will work in your case. Please write, if it helped in your case.


    Hi, I checked the nxs file and it contains the correct values for option key="Try to wake up server when it is powered off" value="true" and option key="Server MAC address" value="removed".  The option to wake on LAN is enabled in the GUI.

    It still does not wake up the server.  I can’t identify WOL packets leaving my machine in a Wireshark capture when using NoMachine to attempt the WOL, but I can when using another utility such as WakeMeOnLAN.

    Thanks, Richard


    We’ll be investigating whether what you request is possible. If so, we will open a Feature Request.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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