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    Hi NX,

    Thank you for your amazing tool you’ve created and graciously given to the community!

    I hope you can be of some assistance, as my setup stopped working recently!

    I used to connect to a client from a virtual machine, but suddenly after a weekend I can no longer connect to the client.

    It shows the pop ups that I’m connected but mine never connects, only going to Connection reset by peer, and then starting over. At this time it also flashes the screen on the Host.

    I can gather anything you want, just send me some links to knowledge bases and I’ll get right on that 🙂

    NoMachine free version – version 8.11.3

    Virtual machine is Windows Server 2022 running the Client and Host is running Windows 10.

    UT22 zip is logs from the Virtual machine used as Client, the NoMachine zip file is a debug collection from the Host system

    Kind regards,

    Philip K.


    Hi, logs suggest a possible network issue in that both client and server sides record a disconnection. However, the logs don’t match i.e it appears you took them at different times. So to be extra sure, we need you to submit new logs. Clean out old logs, reproduce the problem and then submit the new client and server logs like last time 🙂

    Also useful, the output of nxserver --status run in a Windows CMD prompt on the Windows server you are connecting to would be useful as well. Open the CMD console as administrator and input "c:\Users\All Users\NoMachine\nxserver\nxserver.exe" --status. Paste the output here.


    Please open powershell on the server side as admin and run the following command:
    get-childitem \\.\pipe\ and provide all lines which contain pipe name as nx*

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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