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    • “server”: desktop computer x86_64 running on fedora 22
    • client: cubieboard (btw works fine with armv6 but not armv7)
    • my wife is physically on the server
    • whenever I connect I connect to whatever is actually physically running on the monitor of my server (that means the session of my wife)

    Is there a way to login with your own user (and eventually spawn a new session), while someone other is physically working with his/her user (with x2go this seams to work, though there seem to be issues with newer versions of gnome). I couldn’t find an exact answer to this problem. (expect that vesion 3 and version 4 seem to have some severe diferences)

    Or is this functionality limited to enterprise versions?


    Thanks in advance,



    To run a virtual Linux desktop whilst another person is using the local desktop, you need the Workstation.

    The following article in our knowledge base explain the differences between the free version and Workstation.

    Differences between NoMachine for Linux and NoMachine Workstation for Linux


    The same topic has also been dealt with in the forums:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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