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    Zab Abbey

    I’m really loving NoMachine as a way to work on my Mac while working on my Windows machine. I note the issue about being able to swap the command and control keys for NoMachine is on the table for a future release, and was addressed by another user, and you replied positively to his request for that ability, and I’m another one looking forward to that feature, as currently I have to get around that shortcoming by using a dedicated keyboard and mouse connected to the Mac, but the other niggly little thing that is bugging me when I use my Mac via NoMachine for extended periods (I have three displays connected to my Windows Machine by the way) and this is a small annoying thing is that I have my Windows Power and sleep setting for the displays set to ten minutes inactivity turning off the displays, but if I am working on the Mac screen in NoMachine set to full screen on one of the displays for longer than this ten minutes, using the dedicated Mac keyobard or mouse I have connected to the Mac, all three displays get turned off by the windows power management.

    To turn everything on again, I have to either move my mouse pointer away from the NoMachine showing my Mac (which can be difficult to easily do with the screen turned off), and then click or touch the windows keyboard when mouse focus is away from the NoMachine Mac, which is enough to turn on the screen again.

    It would be good if there was some way for the NoMachine windows to somehow detect there is activity on the Mac being controlled, and have it somehow communicate that to the windows NoMachine so Windows doesn’t keep shutting down the display according to the screensaver settings.


    Hi, thanks for reaching out to us 🙂

    The key to understanding your issue is the input peripherals connected to the Mac (by the way, nice workaround!). Since you don’t need to activate the Player window to work on Mac, NoMachine is not deactivating your energy saving parameters. Try this: when the NoMachine Player is in fullscreen and before using the Mac, click in the Player window to activate it (i.e to give it focus)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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