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    Does the NoMachine client support Wayland? When I try to run it, it just throws the error “nxplayer.bin: cannot connect to X server” because of course I don’t use X at all. Is there an option to run it on a Wayland only session or maybe it’s a feature still in development?


    NoMachine supports desktops running on Wayland. It installs out-of-the-box just like it does on X.org.

    Make sure you always include the “What to include” list that we provide when you are submitting a topic or reply 🙂 What did you install on the server side? I.e the computer you want to connect to. NoMachine Free Edition or maybe NoMachine Workstation?

    NoMachine needs a desktop environment running on the machine you want to install it one. What DE are you using? What Linux distro is it, and what version?


    Thanks for the replay. Here is more information:

    NXPLAYER – Version 8.2.3

    Ubuntu 22.04 with Sway. Only Wayland, no Xserver no xwayland installed.

    The server will be another Ubuntu machine with Xserver which I used to connect before but since changing to a Wayland only session. I can’t seem to launch the client.

    Is there a way to make the nxplayer use Wayland? Maybe it’s a env variable that I’m missing?


    Ah re-reading I now understand what you were asking. Sorry for the mix-up 🙂 There is no x server running at all on the system you are connecting from, so you are not running XWayland. If this is the case, you are right, the message is not very clear and we decided to change it to something like this:

    The NoMachine Player cannot connect to X server
    This can be because no X server is running or you didn’t set the DISPLAY environment.
    Or it can be because you are running this desktop on Wayland.
    The NoMachine Player doesn’t support the Wayland environment without X.
    Be sure you run XWayland instead.

    We’re working on supporting Wayland, natively without XWayland, but it’s not a priority at the moment, so don’t expect this very soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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