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    Guys, when are you planning to release version 7 for mobile?

    Im really suffering with current one on Samsung DeX, and my other topic was closed as “solved”, on 24th December last year.

    Thank you so much, team.



    We were hoping sooner than later. Development on the next update for mobile is in parallel with our next major, which is now v8. We know it’s long overdue, we are working flat out to make sure it fixes what we promised it will fix 😉


    Hi, dear Britgirl, do you have any idea of the time schedule of new version which can solve my problem on Samsung DeX (hide titlebar and bottom bar)?

    Also on Samsung DeX the whole (remote-)screens bottom is cut I have high hopes of solving that as well.

    Thank you!


    Hi danergo,

    Once we get the desktop version of the NoMachine version 8 out, which is in its final stages, the mobile version will be aligned to that. I can’t provide a precise ETA, I’m afraid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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