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    Tom Bradford

    I can use NoMachine to connect between local machines running Linux Mint with no problem but I am completely unable to connect one of them to a Window 7 machine despite hours of hair-tearing.

    The machine as server appears in the client machine’s window and it connects to the Windows machine, but then I am asked to log on, and nothing I have been able to do has got me past that step.  NoMachine service rejects my administrator password and even a specially created user/password I know is correct, as I can log on to a Windows session with it, fails authentication.

    Google came up with a page somewhere for someone else with the problem telling them to make changes to the .cfg file in the etc folder but my installation has no .cfg file.  Just a server.cfg.SAMPLE file, and if I change that as suggested (I had to change ownership and allow read-write even to be able to save the changed file) with a view to saving it as server.cfg with EnableUserDB disabled, authentication still fails (How one even creates an NX users DB seems to be something to need to know a secret word and special handshake to discover, as I can’t).

    So what do I have to do to join the select few who are able to connect NoMachine to a Windows machine?



    Hello Tom,

    Missing server.cfg file suggests some issue during installation process. Please, try reinstalling NoMachine on your Windows host and make sure that file is in place. Regarding possible authentication problem, does username or password you are using contain any special or diacritical characters? Is there any difference between keyboard layouts between client and server-side? What happens when you attempt authentication from client started on server host? Do you use local account or domain account?
    If problems persist, gather server-side logs following these instructions:
    Send them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, referencing the topic in the email subject.

    As for users DB, by default it’s used only internally, no action is required to enable NoMachine access for accounts valid on system. If you can log on to Windows desktop, you should be able to connect to NoMachine Server using the same credentials.

    Tom Bradford

    Thanks Cato.  I uninstalled NM as suggested and re-installed it from scratch, and it’s working well now so I don’t know what had happened to the original installation.  There are no SAMPLE files in the etc. folder in the new installation so I’ve no idea where the ones in the original install came from.

    I’ve just been playing Edith Finch from my PC (Windows 7) to my laptop (Mint Cinnamon) over my LAN and it’s perfectly playable – graphics, audio and mouse response.  If it’s as good with the old Myst games I want to work my way through again soon I shall be quite content.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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