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    I am attempting to view a Firefox browser running on a remote headless server with Ubuntu Precise 64bit installed from my local Windows 8.1 computer.  I currently can do this with Xming server running locally however it is so slow that it is mostly unusable.

    Reading through the docs here it would appear that NoMachine may be able accomplish the same goal but with much better performance?

    If this is possible can someone confirm which free packages I should install both locally and on the Linux server?  I must admit I attempted this without success and would prefer to re-start from scratch with no baggage.  I have removed all NoMachine packages and trying to start from a clean slate.

    Any guidance on what should be installed would be greatly appreciated.





    Hi Jim, you can achieve your goal with help of NoMachine for Linux package installed on your Ubuntu and NoMachine for Windows
    package on your Windows computer.

    If your Ubuntu machine doesn’t have X running please remember to check our instructions for headless servers available at:

    Can you provide more details about what you had problems with? You say you tried installing without success.  It would be useful to know what difficulties you had so we can evaluate what improvements are required.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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