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    Is there any planned support for Windows 8 RT in the near future?


    <rant> NoMachine is built on top of a foundation library which implements the POSIX interface on top of Win32. Building a native player for Windows RT requires rewriting this code to ditch almost completely the Win32 API, including socket communication, thread programming and low-level networking. This is a huge endorsement. Android and iOS allow C/C++ applications using the POSIX API to work almost unmodified, compared to the same application working on a desktop computer, with modifications mostly limited to the input and the GUI. This is a small percentage of the total amount of code that a developer has normally to port from a platform to the other. </rant>

    Well, sorry for the rant, but this just to say that it’s not surprising that very few of the biggest and more complex applications, made like NoMachine of many C/C++ libraries tied together, are available on Windows RT :-).

    Fortunately it seems that Microsoft is changing its course. There is hope that the Win32 API (and thus some sort of POSIX compatibility) can make a return in the near future:

    This doesn’t mean that you won’t see a NoMachine player running on Windows RT soon, even if not as a “native” application. The hardware is generally pretty good and NoMachine can already run as a HTML application on practically every browser. Now that the software is starting to mature on the “native” platforms, we are going to give to our Web player a big boost. Making a mixed native/HTML version optimized for Windows RT should not be very difficult, albeit such work has not started yet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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