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    • Do you have more than one Player running, connected to multiple desktops?

      The freeze happens in both cases.


    • Is the main Player window, showing the list of machines, freezing as well?

      Yes, freezing as well.


    • Open Task Manager and kill one NoMachine Player process at a time. Do the other Player’s start working correctly?

      No, if the freeze happens, player will not start until re-login/restart. Killing the remaining processes has no effect.


    • When you can manage to start a new NoMachine Player, if you shutdown temporarily the NoMachine server do you see other processes running in Task Manager? How are they called? If you kill them, can you start correctly a new NoMachine Player?

      Its impossible to start a new NoMachine Player after freeze.
      Server is running stable.
      The following NoMachine processes still exist after such a freeze:


      Starting the NoMachine client creates a new nxplayer.bin process, but no gui.
      At least on my pc there is no %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NoMachine\var\log\nxtrace.log file.

      Kind regards


    We are aware of a similar behaviour and need to verify if your problem is the same. If it is, we suspect a problem caused by a Wacom driver. So that we can confirm it’s the same issue or indeed a different one, please tell us whether you have a Wacom pen/tablet connected to that Windows client. Are you running a service running called “Wacom ISD Service”?


    Hello Britgirl,

    in our department we are using HP Notebooks. In my case its an EliteBook x360 830 G7, although there are slight model variations among us. We’ve noticed that there is a “Wacom Device” listed in the Device Manager, and the “Wacom ISD Service” is running.



    I have an HP Elitebook x360 1040 G8. And yes, Wacom ISD service is running. These laptops have a touchscreen with pen based on Wacom. I also have a separate Wacon tablet I use sometimes.

    best regards, Jörg



    We’ve confirmed that some Wacom driver versions just hang waiting for something when the device input gets enabled on window activation. We didn’t find a code workaround for this unexpected behaviour, so the only possible solution so far consisted in stopping the ISD service, but of course this is not advisable if the tablet/pen must be used.
    Can you all please check if there is an updated Wacom driver?

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