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    I want to use NoMachine as Windows Remote Desktop replacement.

    Well, all is better, but the basic feature is missing.

    When I start a remote connection, NoMachine ask me the Windows username and password (and save it on my computer) in order to connect server.

    This means that NoMachine (on remote server) verify that the user is validated on that machine, then it shown me the Windows login screen.

    Why? If NoMachine knows Windows password and it’s right why it don’t connect to an existing session of that user (if present) or don’t creates a new one if not exist?

    I’m forced to digit manually a password, but this force me to use simple password, not long randomly generated password.

    I’ve searched on forum and on support but it seems that is not a problem for users.


    NoMachine authentication process authorise user to access desktop currently running on computer, no matter if it’s a user session or login screen.

    We don’t interact with a desktop itself and it’s up to a user to perform system authentication if a login screen is displayed.


    Yes, I understand, but it’s a stupid limit.

    Every time you are forced to do a manual login through remote connection, and you cannot do copy and paste with password field (like Windows login), you are obliged to use short or mnemonic password, this reduce a lot security.

    The only way to be sure about remote security is to use long randomly generated password, but this is impossible in remote software like NoMachine (or about any other, except for Windows RDP).


    It’s not something other users have manifested a similar interest in. That said, we’ll happily evaluate how/when/if it can be done.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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