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    As a Windows user, I like to map my Ctrl key to OS X’s Command key, and my Windows key to OS X’s Control key. That way I can press Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V for copy/paste, etc, and everything works nicely as my muscle memory expects from decades of Windows use.

    OS X allows us to remap modifier keys for this reason (System Prefs / Keyboard / Modifier Keys). However, this functionality doesn’t work under NoMachine. I’m guessing the virtual NX keyboard doesn’t manifest itself as a “proper” keyboard that OS X can control in this way.

    So, how can I remap my modifier keys?

    Loving NoMachine (previous RealVNC user), but – small as this sounds – it’s a dealbreaker for me.

    Thanks for any/all pointers!

    NoMachine 4.6.12 (free), Windows 10 connecting to OS X Yosemite 10.10.4.


    Hello tdcolvin, thank you for reporting this issue.

    I tried to swap Ctrl an Cmd in OS X System Preference like you did. And like you I found that is not effective not only for remote NoMachine keyboard but also for local generic (non-Mac) USB keyboards!

    There is no way to redefine modifiers in NoMachine, but you are not the first person requiring such kind of feature, so we are evaluating it.



    my request in the complete opposite. Thirty years of Mac usage makes using CTRL-C/CTRL-V for copy paste a real pain when I connect to (Centos) Linux from my Mac. Is there anyway to map CMD (on physical Mac) key to produce CTRL key on the remote (Linux) machine?


    nyholku, although this looks a “NoMachine for Mac OS X” topic I think this belongs to the same feature request.

    I tried to workaround this issue using xmodmap to swap Ctrl and Super keys on the remote host, but with no success. It seems some major applications (I tried firefox and gedit) are hard-wired to use Ctrl key no matter if it is remapped in the X server keymap.


    I’m using Max OS X El Capitan as a server OS, Win10 and Android as client OSs. Today I tried to install Karabiner and remap Ctrl to Cmd. That worked for the local Mac keyboard (USB), but didn’t work for either of the clients. When in a NoMachine session, I pressed Ctrl-Tab with no effect, whereas locally Ctrl-Tab switched windows. (I’m describing that verbously in order to convey a feeling of how I tested the behavior.)

    DoubleCommand shows same pattern of behavior.


    Hello everyone.

    I think this planned feature will help:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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