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    We are thinking to change the Windows TS for a NoMachine one. What we need is:
    Up to 15 (for now) users to use separate remote desktop (private instance) with installed applications (to be used as an internet access outside the production lan) like Google Chrome, Spotify etc. All the desktop machines run on Windows 10 Pro. Could you suggest us what we could use from your services and software to make it work in same way as we do for now with the Windows Terminal server.

    Thank you in advance!



    P.S. Could you add some pricing as well?


    For pricing you should contact our sales team via the Contact Us form (see footer below). They will be able to help with that.

    NoMachine can’t completely replace a Windows Terminal Server computer or make any Windows computer become a Terminal Server. Technical considerations apart, this would be in violation of the Windows licensing terms.

    There are two ways to get access to Windows desktop environments and all the applications available on it. You can either create multiple Windows instances virtualized on top of popular hypervisors like KVM or VMware, install NoMachine Enterprise Desktop on each instance (this will give you access to the display) and add the Enterprise Desktop to a NoMachine Cloud Server which will function as the entry point and where you can configure access, user profiles etc.

    Alternatively, many of our customers which have mixed environments (i.e they want Linux applications as well as Windows) take advantage of the support for RDP which is available in Terminal Server for Linux. You can keep your WTS backend (you will still need the MS CALs in place) and use RDP to connect to Windows desktop sessions. You can read more about this here:

    Running RDP sessions with NoMachine 4 or later

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    Thank you very much, we’ll consider the options you gave to us!

    Kind regards


    @Britgirl If it is ok I would like to ask you about that:

    “In version 4 and later, the enterprise-oriented products Terminal Server, allow RDP-supported connections. By installing NoMachine client on your local desktops and connecting through the NoMachine Server installed on a Linux box, to the Windows Terminal Server, you will be able to run your Windows applications remotely from your client machine.

    The resulting schema is as follows:

    NoMachine Client —-> NoMachine Linux Terminal Server Server —-> Windows Terminal Server

    In this way the clients will be able to access the resources and the applications residing, in this case, on the Terminal Server. In this kind of setup, NoMachine Server acts as a ‘gateway’ which will take care of forwarding the client’ requests to the Windows server on the backend.”

    What is for the GATEWAY part anyway? In setup like this one should you pay again per user license to use WIndows TS, or the “gateway” somehow with a single session to the TS allows multiple users to use the TS?
    Thank you in advance.


    Ugh, never mind, you did answer me before…

    Thank you again!


    Just to clarify, the ‘gateway’ is the NoMachine Terminal Server for Linux on which you’ve enabled RDP and also checked that rdesktop is running (see article instructions). Any Windows CALS (whether per device or per user) remain unaffected. NoMachine licensing, which is per server and in the case of our two products mentioned you get unlimited sessions, cannot replace MS CALS in any way.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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