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    Interesting update…

    I will let you know tomorrow if got it working.

    Is there also a section where I can post requests?
    1 request I have would be to have a list view  (like [removed]) when down loading content from the server instead of the windows UI, it kind of finicky.

    Thanx for the support


    Local connection is working!!

    I made a User account as. and now local access is working.
    I used the 1st IP address shown in the welcome page.

    Now for the 2nd and final step. How to connect via the internet, which is my main interest.
    I tried using the 2nd IP address shown in the welcome page, but it failed.
    I get the “Ooops! Could not connect to the server. Error is 110: Connection timed out” dialogue.

    What should be my next steps?


    The message I get is “Ooops!..Could not connect to the server. Error is 111: Connection refused.
    but maybe my problem is with the “Authentication”.

    Honestly I don’t know what user name and password I have to enter here. Is it referring to my router’s user name and pass?
    My Desktop doesn’t have a password to enter.

    Let me explain in short what I did:

    I want to access my PC through my Android phone…
    1. Install and run NoMachine on my PC. Leave it on the screen where it shows the IP address
    2. Install/Run on Android device
    3. Create a new connection.
    Protocol: NX
    Host: Here I typed in the IP adress showing on my PC’s NoMachine welcome panel. (tried with both IP adrasses)
    Port: 4000 (by default, so I didn’t change it)

    Info: I noticed that in the manual, in the NoMachine’s welcome screen
    the 2nd IP address also contains port number after the “:” (151.1.xxx.xxx:xxx82 – “xxx82” being the port number)
    on my PC’s NoMachine’s welcome screen, the 2nd IP address doesn’t end with “:”
    Could this maybe be a cause for the issue??

    Authentication: I leave it on Password (but i also wouldn’t know to what password their referencing here
    Proxy: I leave as it is (but also tried “Use a HTTP Proxy….”).
    Save As: I just left the name as is

    Now on my android phone I’m Back in the main screen seeing the connection I just made.
    The manual says to type in the IP address in the search bar here.
    When I do this nothing appears.
    I then try to connect via the connection showing on the main screen (which i just made)
    Here i get asked for: Authentication, a User name and Password…again I wouldn’t know what Username or password this is referring to.
    So here I’ve tried 2 things. 1: Entering nothing and try to connect. 2: Entering username and password of my router

    So far I’ve had no luck.

    I hope I described detailed enough what I did to make a connection so maybe U could point out the mistakes I’m making




    Yes, I did follow those instructions.

    No luck so far.

    What i’m trying to do is acces my PC through my android Phone/Tablet.
    This is possible right?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)