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    Hi Britgirl,

    Thank you very much. I thought that the workaround was not working in my case because I’m not physically connected to the machine, and when I tried it was asking for the IT password since they are the only ones physically logged into the computer.

    After looking at the documentation, here are the steps that worked for me. I hope that this helps others.

    1. ssh to the machine
    2. loginctl list-sessions
    3. identify the sessions that belong to you
    4.  loginctl unlock-session ####
      1. Try the above command in all your session. Probably there is an easiest way to identify the session that is giving the problems.
      2. The session started with c### in my case.
    5. Verify the nomachine window. Once the right session is found, nomachine will log you in and everything will be working as before.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)