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    Hello, now it is working with the fix that you have mentioned. Thank you very much.

    Btw, I was struggling for two days to get the proper resolution 1920×1080 on ubuntu AWS. I want to post the fix here so that it is helpful to someone else: Thanks for the great software.

    For full hd resolution on aws, the key idea is that there should be no x server running already on the machine. If there is no x server, then nx will create its own, and by default try to match the client resolution, which is what we want. Unfortunately, when we install gnome desktop, gnome automatically changes the systemd runlevel to which means systemd will spawn gdm and an xserver, which you can verify by a process called /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg (hope you dont get into wayland and all that nonsense). So we have to change the default systemd target to boot into shell mode instead of graphical mode, which can be done by sudo systemctl set-default

    To change the current target without restarting, you can do sudo systemctl set-default

    And thats it, nx should automatically start an x server and try to match client resolution if client is running in full screen mode!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)