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    Dear Kroy:

    Thanks for quick reply.  Can you please respond  using  the point numbers I have used wherever possible  – I have 6 points and I would like to have them addressed per point if there is a further info, query to be provided in regard to them.



    Which version NoMachine version do you have installed? Is the machine was rebooted after installation? Did you tried to connect there from the local network?

    I wrote that I downloaded just the other day.  It was NoMachine 6.9.2_1.  I also wrote that I was able to successfully connect locally.  I rebooted system and router many times.



    Please check if EnableUPnP in server.cfg is uncommented and set to NX: -   

    Yes it is.  I also tried with it commented out and port forward put in router.  See further detail at point 3 below.


    You can try also Port Forwarding to connect from outside local network. There is a lot instructions for your router model ( Reserve IP for your Windows machine, and then set Port Forwarding for that IP with TCP and UDP port 4000.

    3) I tried port forwarding and tried all the other things in the similar post and all combinations thereof – commenting out and port forward settings in router, leaving uncommented and setting port forward in router, etc. etc.  I know port forwarding works as I successfully use it for other applications.

    I covered this in my original post as well:

    “I have also tried  putting a port forward rule in the Dlink so that port 4000 is directed to the appropriate internal IP. I disabled all other port forward rules.  I also #’d out the lines in server.cfg that did the same thing.  I tried it with it left in as well.  I have tried pretty well all combinations.”

    I also wrote this:

    “Finally one other item that may be of interest is that I have used another remote control program  on the very same computer and it properly displayed the public IP (again a dynamic IP provided by my ISP that has remained the same for years) and I was able to connect to it over the Internet.”


    4) When you write:

    Reserve IP for your Windows machine, and then set Port Forwarding for that IP with TCP and UDP port 4000.

    What does that exactly mean?  How do I reserve? As i wrote, I have a dynamic public IP provided by my ISP that has stayed the same for years.



    The following point I raised  was not addressed:

    Also I do not fully understand this article:


    “Server settings option to enable port mapping is not correctly checked”

    [snipped, refer to Trouble Report]

    6) This part of the post was also not addressed:

    And I also don’t understand the  concept behind this post:

    What is mapping a gateway port mean? How would I do it with my Dlink 645?

    My assumption is that mapping a gateway port is different than port forwarding – please distinguish.

    Thanks in advance for your continued assistance.

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