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    Hi @Britgirl,

    Thanks so much for your reply! Though I confess I had not found that post, I did find that setting and have been messing about with it. I don’t know if I’ve got a messed up installation or if I’m not setting it correctly, however I cannot seem to get it to make a difference.

    I’m attaching some screenshots. I have updated the NXdListenAddress in about a dozen different ways, to reflect the internal server address without quotes, with quotes, the network device name, a DDNS domain name that resolves to the correct IP (the latter two of which would be the ideal solutions); and even though I save the file correctly and restart the service, it still shows the double set of IPs.

    I also looked for any hint of a profile, but I’m on the free version so I’m not sure I have that available to me.

    If you have any other suggestions, I’m definitely interested in hearing them!

    Thank you so much again. I appreciate you!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)