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    I work with user tgt1. We are using the NX protocol for NoMachine (the free version). We are on secure systems and cannot send/upload logs, but the nxerror.log file shows:
    nxexecPAMCheckCredentials: Authentication failed with error 6.

    The nxserver.log file shows:
    2014-05-20 16:18:43 287.387 4708 NXSERVER ERROR: Process with pid 4745 terminated because of signal 1.
    2014-05-20 16:18:43 287.527 4708 NXSERVER ERROR: Error while trying to authenticate user: xxxxxx
    NXNssUserManager::auth returned 1
    2014-05-20 16:18:43 287.655 4708 NXSERVER ERROR: wrong ‘nxexec authentication’ for user ‘xxxxxx’ from ‘[IP of remote machine]’.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)