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    Hi all,

    I don’t wish to intrude, I have been searching through to get a solve for what seems to be a possible lack of understanding on my part, however I came across this wonderful to and fro, regarding what seems to be a problem I am finding a little perplexing myself and after reading through a very simpler issue.

    NoMachine seems like a simple way of installing on Linux in my case Linux MX and the host or server for want of a better word and my client machine Windows 10.

    On both VM’s i have updated, strangely enough it did not occur to me to monitor the logs upon install as it seems all to easy, after the install just like (removed) rdp or (removed), I imagined I would have to enter the appropriate user namesĀ  passwords not the case, NoMachine does a search and populates the program with the available connected devices on the locate network, well I was pleased as punch, I clicked on the user and enter the correct details for my user and password and well nothing the failed login on about oh more than whats seems to be 100 times clearly my definition of madness.

    I clearly need some direction on this, but it does sound to be a comment problem, to which i am very curious to get to the bottom off with a little help, any help would be much appreciated….



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)