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    The Windows PC had lost his approbation relation with AD server. I registered it back and it works now.

    Don’t know how to mark this post as resolved


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    xauth list :0 returns nothing

    xauth -ni list returns :

    pc2/unix:10  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  c3c06ce5a660a0cf13080ddefb6ed811

    I don’t know why the display is set to :10

    I created a new magic cookie, with :

    xauth add pc2/unix:0  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  c3c06ce5a660a0cf13080ddefb6ed811

    Now xauth list :0 returns

    pc2/unix:0  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  c3c06ce5a660a0cf13080ddefb6ed811

    But… nothing changes : still the same error (I added a line for this PC in /etc/hosts too, but I don’t think it’s usefull : I can ssh to the host)


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    Thanks for your quick and precise answers

    I managed connect servers to cloud using Enterprise desktop

    For foreign servers, though, it didn’t work. I red the docs in your links. Everything seems alright (including .xauthority file). I can connect with ssh -Y and launch a graphical app.

    But when I tried to add the server with cli (nxserver –serveradd pc1 –label pc1 –foreign), I got this message :

    NX> 500 ERROR: Cannot add server: pc1. NoMachine cannot access any X server on the remote host.

    I tried with hostname and FQDN (with domain), I had the same result. I tried to make xorg listening to TCP (netstat shows it is on port 6000), added xhost + to root .bashrc, nothing worked

    If you had some more clues to help…


    Maybe I missed something

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    I finally found trial versions and tested the cloud version… but it didn’t work :

    I installed cloud version on a PC (pc1), then I installed free version on another one (pc2). I connected to web interface on cloud machine (pc1), but when I try to add the other machine (pc2), I got errors, whichever way I try :

    Connection with nx protocol : I got an error message : Cannot add server pc1:4000. The remote server type NoMachine cannot be be a server of server type NoMachine cloud server evaluation .

    Connection with ssh only : (NoMachine not installed on machine box checked) : after login informations given, message pc2 is being configured, progress picture running a long time, and error message : cannot add server pc2. NoMachine cannot access any X server on the remote host

    For the record : I connect with ssh -Y from pc1 to pc2, and start a graphical app without any issue.

    Both pc1 et pc2 are ubuntu-mate 18.04

    If you could explain what happens…

    One more question : The purpose for this test are : give remote access to 24 PC in a room to students. Maybe I’m not using the right versions.

    I was able to connect from web interface from pc1 to pc1, connecting to the interface with root account, but when I connect to the web interface with normal user interface, I can’t see pc1 in the list.

    Thanks for your help, and sorry for the amount of questions (maybe I should modify the title of my post or create (an)other(s) )


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