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    Thanks for the response!

    I think I may have figured this one out on my own. Eventually, after searching around the server settings, I found an option where I could disable hardware acceleration. Clicking this seemed to result in a persistent selection. Since NoMachine is normally always running, I suspect you’re right that this was getting clobbered for that reason, even though this is technically the player, not the server. (I’m still a little confused on what all the apps do and how they integrate).

    I also think I found a better way to log in through a firewall that involves chaining SSH tunnels. Essentially, one creates a tunnel to the first machine; then one creates a tunnel to the second machine. Once the chain is established, you connect your viewer from the originating port on your local machine, which “magically” connects to the desired client beyond the firewall.

    There are a couple of ways to do the chaining, one of which is more secure (with more overhead) and one of which could involve someone using your tunnel (but with less overhead). Metaphorically, the first is like a tunnel within a tunnel, where each link is telescoping as the reach gets farther into the remote network. The second is like cramming two straws together at each connection point (no telescoping).  Both approaches seem to work. It’s pretty nifty and should save me a lot of time driving to work to check on things.

    Thanks again!

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