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    Thankyou for all of the information and in particular the information you need and the logs. For now I’ve got it working, and I’m gradually experimenting with options to see if one causes breakage.

    During the process I upgraded both the client and server to the latest public versions available at the time of the post, which didn’t change or fix the issue.

    Yes, it sounds like it’s a different issue than the one you are aware of. It would remain on a whitescreen for quite some time at least. I saw one disconnect when I left it long enough, but it was certainly not happening all the time.

    One interesting thing is that it occurred roughly at the same time that MS introduced animations when changing virtual desktops, and I got it working again after disabling animations to hide that misfeature. There’s a chance that it was related. One thing to check out might be if using animations with virtual desktops causes an issue with NoMachine.

    Apart from that, I’d add that both sides use nVidia-based cards.

    I’ve got a working setup now so there’s no need to investigate mine specifically, but I hope some of the extra information here helps in any case. For my part, knowing how to get logs and how to approach things if it happens again is useful, thanks for that.


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