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    Hi.  I’m having a problem that seems like it may be similar. It has the same symptoms, and also involves connecting to a mac OSX, and also started with upgrade to 7.7.4.  The error given on client machine is:

    “A connection timeout has occurred while trying to connect to ‘XX.XXX….’ on port ‘NNNNN’.

    I’ve been connecting between two macs, 10.15.7.  After upgrading to NoMachine 7.7.4 (from 7.6.x) on both machines, the server no longer responded to the client’s mouseclicks or keyboard entries.  After restarting the server, the client was no longer able to connect at all.  I’m using nx protocol over internet and have limited access to the server.  I have reset permissions (system preferences> security & privacy > privacy > accessibility) on both machines with no change.

    On client machine, nxerror.log reads (for latest login attempt):

    1342 775 12:18:39 641 nxexecGetUser: Got error 0.
    1342 775 12:18:39 642 nxexecGetUser: The given uid was not found: 501.
    1342 775 12:18:39 642 main: ERROR! Failed to get current username.



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