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    Hello Britgirl.

    Thank you for your response. However, I would like to add a comment. I just found out what was “wrong”. You wrote

    …is required for automatic port-mapping. Without UPnp, it will be necessary to configure the router manually and open the requested port…

    I know. I’ve read that like thousand of times in the manual, documents and other threads. But I couldn’t get it to work. I thought. Actually, it did work all the time. Here’s why; the manual (other documents too) has example pictures showing how the IP address(es) should look like if everything is properly set for both local and public use, one local address and one public address that ends with a port number. But that is true only if you use UPnP. If you prefer to manually administrate your router and firewall (UPnP and NAT-PMP disabled both prior to install and after), the only thing you will see is the local IP. Even so if NoMachine has contact with the outside world. My mistake was that I assumed that those IP boxes also was to confirm that everything was correctly set. In other words, no public IP, no contact with the world. And since a public IP never showed, I kept banging my head into the wall until I decided to try anyway. After all, I knew that those ports actually were open. And when I found out that it had been working all the time, I was thinking “Damn, I wish someone could have written that in the manual from the beginning”, that with UPnP disabled the public IP address won’t show even if the mistake is mine. I made the wrong assumption about taking the box with IP addresses as proof for a correct setup. Perhaps a word in the manual about this to save others, as clumpsy as I, from mild to severe frustration? 😉

    Anyway, NoMachine with H264, it’s a dream. Superior quality with superior framerate. Best ever. Me happy.


    Best regards



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