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  • in reply to: Behavior of NX Server 3.5 doesn’t work in NX 4 #1463

    Please assure that in server.cfg key ConnectPolicy desktop is set to 0.

    When crating a new session, instead of selecting ‘Create a new custom session’ try  ‘Create a new Ubuntu virtual desktop’.

    You can customize this session type with node.cfg key DefaultDesktopCommand.

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    in reply to: Problems with NX 4 and eclipse debugging #1376

    We have been unable to reproduce on Fedora 20 and 19 with the latest version of NoMachine installed on both client and server sides (4.0.369)

    Can you send us the list of what we need, written just below?
    That is, confirm what version you have installed on the server and client, version of Eclipse, screenshots if possible and logs of the
    affected session.

    Logs can be extracted using the instructions here:

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    in reply to: Black screen after install #1331


    Reinstall the package as usual and then disable the server:

    # update-rc.d nxserver disable

    Try to reboot and see if the login screen comes up.

    After that, re-enable the server:

    # update-rc.d nxserver enable

    # /etc/NX/nxserver –startup

    See if you can connect.

    Disable all services by editing /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg and setting:

    EnableDiskSharing key to ‘none’

    EnablePrinterSharing key to ‘none’

    EnableUSBSharing key to ‘none’

    EnableNetworkSharing key to ‘none’

    EnableSmartcardSharing key to ‘no’

    But not disable the NX service.


    See if without the services the login screen comes up.

    Stop at any failed step and please send the logs.

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    in reply to: NoMachine's port of OpenSSH (2) #1039

    OpenSSH port was updated to compile with MinGW gcc provided with latest Cygwin release.
    Please download it from and follow
    build instruction available here

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    in reply to: XDMCP with nomachine #921

    XDM is supported but unfortunately at the moment that is a problem affecting the functionality,
    described here
    Server administrators can also add XDM login as a mandatory login method for specific groups of users.
    In the meanwhile we are also investigating how the functionality can be improved, for example
    to better integrate with the host environment.
    Regarding Xwillings, as far as we know, this file is only used by XDM, while we would like to
    offer a wider range of choices.
    We believe that (once the bug will be fixed) the ability of the administrator to set the XDM login
    command on the server will give people the best flexibility and adapt to most setups.

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    in reply to: Two sessions created with each connection #766

    When the user runs a virtual desktop session, the server creates a new desktop.
    This desktop is listed in the session list (displayed by ‘nxserver –list’)
    and corresponds to the entry with the actual DISPLAY. At the same time,
    the server adds the user’s connection to the session list: this is the
    entry with the IP of the connected client.

    There are actually 2 node instances. One is the display session itself,
    the other is the user session connecting to that display.

    The connection entry is present until the user closes (disconnects) the
    session. If the user makes logout (i.e. terminates the session), both
    desktop and connection entries are removed from the session list
    and disappear from the ‘nxserver –list’ output.

    in reply to: Amazon EC2 Installation #746

    It seems your perseverance helped us to find a bug 🙂

    We have just edited AR10K00710 to provide instructions for
    launching Xvfb as unprivileged user, we made additional
    tests and we found some machines where running Xvfb as root
    prevents NoMachine to be able to connect to the X server.

    So please use:

    ‘Xvfb :0 -auth /var/run/Xvfb-0.auth -screen 0 1024x768x24 &’ instead.

    Be sure that your run Xvfb as the same user who starts the dekstop
    environment, otherwise the desktop will be not available.

    We have opened a trouble report on that topic:

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