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    Ah, I see. There is no DE installed, as it’s a headless server, so I presume that NoMachine installs a very minimal one, which doesn’t support functionalities like window decorations. I’ll install a DE, which will likely resolve the problem. Thanks!


    Try sending it attached to an email to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.

    Thanks! I’ve just sent it, although I don’t know if a special subject/body is required.

    Just in case, I’ve shared a copy on WeTransfer:


    > The client sends its resize mode request to the desktop, but the desktop could decide to change its geometry by forcing the client to adapt. If something like that happens the resize mode could be automatically switched to viewport, so let’s check if this is the case.
    > What are the resolutions of your local (client) and of your remote desktop before you resize it?

    The resolutions are:

    – client: 1920×1080
    – server: 2560×1440

    The client correctly resizes the server screen resolution each time I connect (after I toggle the setting).

    > Can you verify if the file ~/.config/monitors.xml exists on the server?

    Yes, the file exists; I’ve attached it to this message.

    > When you login to the remote desktop, do you land immediately in the desktop or in the remote login window?

    I land directly on the desktop.

    (Note: I’ve recently updated to the latest version, 7.6.2)


    > This is usually not a problem, you just need to be sure that your NXS file can be modified by checking the write permissions. If you confirm they’re correct, I’ll explain how to gather a log file to retrieve further information.

    Yes, they have write permissions. As a matter of fact, I inspected the content, and if memory serves me well, each time the session is started, the file is updated with a timestamp or counter (I don’t remember exactly).

    > Do you know what is the Linux distribution running on the server?

    Ubuntu MATE 20.04.2, on both server and client.




    > All settings you change while connected to the remote desktop are saved and automatically applied when you connect again.

    Ah! I suppose there is an issue, then, as this is not happening. I have the connection saved on an nxs file in the desktop, although I’m not sure if this is relevant (I guess not).

    > What is the distribution of the server? Are you connecting to a physical or virtual desktop?

    I have a desktop machine; this is the nx server. I sometimes connect to it from my laptop, which is then the nx client.

    > Can you describe what you see exactly? For example, the session starts in fullscreen then goes back to window mode?

    Essentially, each sessions starts with the default display settings: “Enable viewport mode” selected, and the rest deselected. I then change the selections to “Fullscreen” and “Resize remote display”.

    Any time I close the session, and start it again, “Enable viewport mode” only is again selected.

    > Are you connecting to a server configured manually,

    The configuration is kept on a file on the client desktop, however, in origin, it may have been discovered, and after, I’ve copied it as file.


    Thanks for the reply!

    in reply to: Server freezes after client disconnection #27390

    Hello! I’ve incidentally upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, and the problem doesn’t show up anymore (at least, based on a few connections, although before it was always happening). Thanks for the reply!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)