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    I have a FreeboxMini 4K as a router (it’s a French ISP).
    I can connect succesfully via RDP targeting my IP, or the DDNS address.
    I’m not setting up on the router, it’s the Synology NAS that register any new public IP that my modem/router gets to
    I tested it, and everytime the IP changes, the DDNS is up to date in approx 20 secs, thus making pinging the DDNS giving me the proper public IP adress. (it changes approx once a month).
    I’m connecting with NoMachine using the port given in the connection string of the status screen (and yes, it’s opened correctly by UPNP, thus making the connection via IP successful, only the DDNS on does not work.)
    I tried stopping the UPNP port opening and opening it by myself, but it’s the same.

    I tried forwarding port 4000 to the IP of the computer, and it seems to be working, even if I set up the DDNS connection to aim port 24580 ? Implying any DDNS targeted NX connection aims port 4000 ?

    Is it a bug or anything ?


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