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    Check your inbox Timo.


    I’ve sent you a new debug library Timo 🙂



    in case it may be relevant (changelog gave no hints in that regard though),
    I updated the server (and client) to 8.5.3 but the issue still persists as decribed.


    Hi Timo, so here’s where we are.

    We don’t have your same card, so debugging ourselves is difficult. We use the Intel mediasdk mfx library for Intel QuickSync acceleration and for your specific problem it fails right on the start when we try to initialize the mfx session. It returns every time the MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED error, this is what we can see in the logs.

    We’ve put together another debug library for you to test (this is our last one), when you have a chance please try it and send the logs as before. I’ll send the link via email as before, so check your inbox.

    After that, what we can suggest, if you are able to, is that you test the mfx library with your own set-up by building it yourself.

    Here is the link to the library

    The instructions for building and running it are here: and

    We’ve checked the instructions, you’ll need to install additional development pacakages for libva and libdrm (libva-devel and libdrm-devel). If there is anything missing, the building process tells you what packages are missing, so you should be able to follow along. Tell us whether building it yourself and then running a sample encoder it works or not.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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